Invest in Real Estate

for the cash flow, tax advantages, and without being a landlord

At Hint Investments,

we serve as your guide in building generational wealth the easy way.

We invest passively in real estate syndications (group investing) allowing you time freedom and location independence while creating a passive income stream for you and your family.

We build wealth through the low-risk, high-growth, tax-advantageous asset of multifamily real estate (apartment buildings) in the U.S.

You receive all the benefits of a commercial-grade real estate asset without any of the hassles of being a landlord yet all of the cash flow and STRONG tax advantages that come along with it.

The more money you make, the more taxes you pay.

The more assets you own, the less taxes you pay.

Why Multifamily Real Estate

Cash flow
Tax Benefits

Meet the Founder

Becca Hint


Our mission at Hint Investments is to educate you on passive income investing so you can live a life of location independence and time freedom, while dramatically lessening your tax burden. As avid travelers, and investors, we are passionate about passive income investing and love the time freedom it can bring to our investors. With our current holdings of over $65M+ in assets and 600+ units owned, multifamily investing has been a game-changer for our family and I am confident it can do the same for you

If you dream of traveling the world with your friends and family, living off passive income and retiring early you have come to the right place. I am here to tell you THIS IS POSSIBLE. We have lived this lifestyle and so can you.


Strategic Advisors:

Annie Dickerson

Annie Dickerson, at Goodegg Investments, has syndicated 6,600+ multifamily units, worth over $800M. Through a consultive process, fellow investors leverage her knowledge, expertise, and relationships within the multifamily apartment space.

Michael Blank

Michael Blank, through his investment company, Nighthawk Equity, controls over $90 million in performing multifamily assets and has raised over $21 million. In addition to his own investing activities, his unique training programs have helped his students purchase over 7,600 units valued at over $337 million.

Our Track Record

Million in Assets Acquired
Multifamily Units Owned
Emerging Real Estate Markets We Own Property In

Join the free Investor Club and let us guide you in achieving a life of financial freedom. We can shorten your journey and lessen your learning curve through education while avoiding the pitfalls we experienced when we started out.

We will start by getting to know you, and your investment goals (immediate cash flow, easing your tax burden, etc). We can then begin to share investment opportunities and Set Your Income on Autopilot.

Here is how we do that with multifamily investing:

  1. Building wealth for investors– By investing passively in multifamily properties it brings you effortless monthly income giving you more time to spend with your family and less time you need to spend at work.
  2. Improving Communities: We rejuvenate multifamily communities by providing cleaner, safer housing for tenants and improving the overall quality of housing for our residents.
  3. Energy Conservation- We install water and energy conversation systems in our buildings to preserve our precious natural resources.

There is no better time to start living your life by design.

Stop trading your time for money and embrace the secrets of the rich- the passive income approach. Goodbye to the deferred life plan and hello to the live life now plan….