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Growth is impossible if you don’t know what you’re aiming for. As an experienced investor, you’ve built your business up to a certain level of success — but now you’re stuck. The finances are there and the structure is in place, but you have no more freedom than you did when you first started. If you want to transition from active wealth to passive wealth, it starts with one question: Where Do You Want to Go?  Where you want to go with your finances, your workload, and even your geographic location, will determine what you need to do in order to have complete control over your life and career.

Becca Hintergardt helps accredited investors answer this question and utilize their existing funds to earn “mailbox money” through the most lucrative and exclusive multifamily deals on the market. By identifying your most desired destination in life, you will create the process of making your money work for you so that you can live the way you deserve.


Meet the Founder

Becca Hint


Becca Hintergardt is the founder of Hint Investments, where she is focused on acquisitions, strategic direction, vetting projects and team members for large multifamily acquisitions.

Becca brings to the multifamily space a successful sales career in medical device sales at a leading Fortune 500 company, in addition to 20 years of valuable multifamily experience. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Notre Dame de Namur University, California.

Becca strives for the uncommon. She spent last year living in a boutique surf and yoga hub in Nosara, Costa Rica, – one of the Blue Zones of the world. Her life in the tropics was largely supported by passive income from her multifamily real estate investing.  

Becca is inspired to help others live an authentic life of passive income freedom and location independence through real estate investing. She teaches others how to invest in multifamily properties in the US so they can live anywhere in the world and enjoy the passive income freedom real estate can bring.

There is no better time to start living your life by design. Stop trading your time for money and embrace the secrets of the rich- the passive income approach. Goodbye to the deferred life plan and hello to the live life now plan….

- Becca

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